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Researchers make advances in geometric and deforma

375 admin 09/15/23

In the field of mathematical physics, the mathematical foundation of quantum mechanics is based on the celebrated Dir

Researchers explain why energy can travel much fas

2701 admin 06/19/23

In a microcavity, consisting of two parallel mirrors separated at a small distance, light couples very strongly to ma

Researchers achieve breakthrough in quantum error

5175 admin 03/23/23

Although quantum information processing based on superconducting quantum circuit systems has made great progress in r

Scientists realize ultralow-loss and high-fidelity

3573 admin 02/14/23

In recent years, superconducting quantum computing has developed rapidly with the potential to scale to thousa

Researchers make progress in application of larger

2943 admin 11/23/22

Quantum computing has the potential to surpass classical computing in solving some problems, including database searc

Researchers make important progress in field of qu

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The spurious ZZ interaction between qubits is a common crosstalk phenomenon in superconducting qubit chips, wh

SUSTech Qihang Liu’s group reveals spin-momentum-l

28905 admin 09/22/21

Recently, Associate Professor Qihang Liu’s team from the Department of Physics at the Southern University of Science

International research team from SUSTech reports i

18605 admin 08/24/21

On August 11, 2021, a team lead by Zhi-Fang Xu, Associate Professor at the Department of Physics and founding researc

SUSTech Hai-Zhou Lu’s Group publishes two papers o

8673 admin 08/24/21

Recently, Professor Hai-Zhou Lu’s group from the Department of Physics at the Southern University of Science and Tech

SUSTech researchers realize Quantum Principal Comp

11565 admin 05/12/21

The Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering (SIQSE) and the Department of Physics at the Southern Unive

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