In response to the “innovation-driven” national strategy, Shenzhen implemented a "new round of innovation and development strategy layout to accelerate the development of international science and technology center for industrial innovation", and launched the “Top Ten Movement Plan” on scientific and technological innovation in early 2017, which made quantum science one of the ten major key development directions based on the national development strategy that lists "quantum technology" as a priority. The Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering of Southern University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as IQSE) is one of the first three of the "Top Ten Fundamental Research Institutes" built in Shenzhen.

As the top ten fundamental research institutes for scientific and technological innovation of Shenzhen, IQSE bases itself on the strategic positioning of “quantum technology” as the national technology of prioritized development. It was unveiled in January 2018 counting on the special fund of Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee and Commission and the support of Southern University of Science and Technology.

IQSE concentrates on future information materials, quantum computing and simulation, quantum precision measurement and quantum engineering applications; it gives equal emphasis on fundamental researches and industrial development by prioritizing both the cutting-edge scientific difficulties in fundamental science, and today’s major demand for technology and industrialization.