In Dec 23th, 2019, the first Youth Forum of Quantum Technology was successfully organized by SIQSE of SUSTech. YU Dapeng, the president of SIQSE, FAN Jingyun, the executive vice president, ZHANG Shouzhu, the vice president and all Youth researchers of SIQSE participated in the Forum.

Group photo of the first Youth Forum of Quantum Technology

The forum was host by LIU Song, the secretary of party branch. YU Dapeng gave a general introduction about development, research fields, orientation and targets of Institute. He encouraged young researchers that within a new era of national development, they must seize the opportunities; keep pace with the times, and with sense of mission and responsibility, they would achieve high-level original scientific innovations. FAN Jingyun introduced the team building of Institute. He encouraged young researchers that with concentrated on team power, and cooperation and communication; they would create a promoting atmosphere of innovation, and would promote a rapid development of Institute. ZHANG Shouzhu affirmed that the young researchers played a solid foundation role in the development of the Institute. He encouraged the young researchers to show the academic achievements and promote ability of report with this forum.

Scene photo

During the forum, the young researchers respectively gave the academic report, which introduced their latest academic achievements and research progress. They positively interacted with each other, commented and answered questions.

After the academic report, the administrative staff gave training about business of SIQSE. At last, ZHANG Shouzhu gave a lecture about innovation and research methods.