Since the quantum mechanics theory been established and developed,the first quantum technology revolution based on the scientific principles of quantum mechanics brought about a huge revolution. These revolution includes computer, Internet, mobile phone, laser, artificial intelligence and other modern information technology and industries represented by microelectronics technology. It brought huge promotion on economic prosperity, social progress, the convenience of people’s lifestyle and the interconnection of global information.The fundamental physical feature of the first quantum revolution was the full use of the collective behavior of microscopic particles.

Today, the precise manipulation of the photoelectric thermomagnetic properties of individual microscopic particles (photons, electrons, atoms, spins, etc.) has reached unprecedented heights. In the meantime processing and integration technology has also developed to a new level,which give full display of the world of microscopic particles’ the most essential features:’the singular properties of superposition and entanglement of quantum states.’It can realize the coupling and entanglement between many quantum states and  prepared a new type of quantum device and quantum system.Which includes the realization of quantum optical secret communication, remote quantum hidden state transmission, quantum imaging, quantum sensing and other quantum precision measurement.In particular, the research and application of quantum science and engineering, such as quantum computing based on various quantum systems, have laid a solid foundation and provided great possibilities.

In fact, quantum technology has attracted high attention in China and abroad. As early as 2014, the UK issued a blueprint for the development of quantum technology, the EU launched quantum computing, and the US issued a national strategy for quantum technology.China has fully realized the importance of developing quantum technology and made quantum information as a national priority.Quantum communication and quantum computing are ranked among the top three of the 100 major technology and engineering projects in the 13th five-year plan. In order to respond to the national strategic policy of "innovation-driven" and make up for the shortcomings in basic research, Shenzhen has positioned itself as a national priority for the development of "quantum technology". Shenzhen launched the ten action plans for scientific and technological innovation in early 2017.Which includes 10 major scientific equipment, 10 basic research institutions, 10 major Nobel prize award centers and 10 major talent programs.

As one of the first three "top 10 basic research institutions", Shenzhen institute for quantum science and engineering (IQSE) was set up in January 2018. IQSE relies on southern university of science and technology for construction and management.IQSE will be able to explore the frontier of basic science in the field of quantum information, and serves the significant needs of shenzhen in information and network security, high performance computing technology and precision measurement, quantum materials and other fields in technology and industrialization.In the meantime, IQSE is committed to solving a large number of key scientific engineering problems in the field of quantum information and cultivate a group of internationally influential scientific experts.It will establish a basic research institution with important international influence and provide powerful high performance computing capability for the fourth industrial revolution and using the quantum technology to lead the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. IQSE will able to promote the transformation and industrialization of quantum scientific technological achievements and facilitate the development of related industrial chains.

The overall goals of IQSE

1、Dare to hold great target and take responsibility: China's version of the "science and technology revitalization plan" will be laid out in accordance with the national strategy for priority development of quantum information. In terms of future functional materials research, develops a number of "Nobel prize level" original and significant scientific achievements.It will lead major scientific discoveries, disruptive technological breakthroughs and industrial development in the future.

2、To build up security shield and link the world and beyond: as the economic, financial and innovation center of south China, and one of the four network centers of China in the future and an important node city of the pearl river delta city group. Shenzhen needs to participate in the connection of the north-south trunk line between Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the establishment of a regional network in the bay area, and the formation of a quantum network radiating southeast Asia.

3、To manufacture powerful quantum computers and provided powerful impetus for the fourth industrial revolution: IQSE aims to develop quantum simulation and artificial intelligence; to provide "quantum cloud computing" platform service and develop a powerful quantum computer capable of performing specific tasks.

4、To create a relaxed environment for scientific research and cultivate national talents:IQSE hopes to attract a large number of young talents who regard scientific research as a kind of enjoyable life. We are willing to take risks, working long and hard without complaining, and make a study carefully and attentively in order to cultivate a number of science and technology world-class masters, discipline direction guide.

We believe that through the long-term unremitting efforts of IQSE and extensive exchanges, deep cooperation, resource sharing and differentiated development with domestic and foreign counterparts in the field of quantum technology. We are sure to achieve the above goals and become a first-class international quantum scientific research institution and become a innovative highland of quantum technology and engineering.

Dapeng Yu

May of 2018