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Scientists realize ultralow-loss and high-fidelity

1026 管理员 02/16/23

In recent years, superconducting quantum computing has developed rapidly with the potential to scale to thousands of

publications 2020

1837 Liu Fanglu 06/05/2020

1 Vector Vortex Beam Emitter Embedded in a Photonic Chip By: Chen, Yuan; Xia, Ke-Yu

publications 2019

3116 Liu Fanglu 10/11/2019

1 Plug-and-Play Approach to Nonadiabatic Geometric Quantum Gates Liu, Ba

publications 2018

1732 刘芳璐 01/03/2019

1 Band Signatures for Strong Nonlinear Hall Effect in Bilayer WTe2 作者: Du, Z. Z.; W

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1889 刘芳璐 09/01/2018

1 Negative Magnetoresistance without Chiral Anomaly in Topological Insulators 作者: D

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