SIQSE Introduction

The Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering, relying on Southern University of Science and Technology for construction and management, was founded in 2017. It is one of the “Ten Basic Research Institutes” built in the first batch of Shenzhen Municipality, which responds to the “innovation-driven” strategy. It serves the major needs of Shenzhen and strives to make breakthroughs in quantum scientific research with major international influence. The first president of the institute is Professor Yu Dapeng, who is an Academician of Chinese academy of sciences. The institute will provide various talents with competitive remuneration packages and broad space for growth and development. According to the needs of construction and development, the institute welcomes the following personnel:

Professor (Multiple)

Job Requirements:

1) PhD degrees in the fields of physics, materials, electronics, computers, or related specialties is needed. Research backgrounds in the fields of quantum information, quantum computing, and topological physics are preferred, and research work can be independently conducted in these fields.

2) Having postdoctoral work experience in overseas or domestic research universities and research institutions;

3) Influential high-level research papers published in international professional journals;

 4) The ability to independently find problems, solve problems and research independently.

Post term: 3 years.

Treatment and Benefits:

The center will provide first-class research conditions, generous salary and welfare benefits for recruited personnel.  With a total annual salary of 300,000 RMB or more, any Chinese doctor with overseas study or work background (including Hong Kong region) is able to apply for the Shenzhen Peacock Talents Program separately. Approved persons will enjoy a considerable amount of tax exemptions. And you can apply for a Shenzhen account to solve your child's enrollment problems.

Contact information:

Please submit your resume (including recent photos of the applicant) and related materials (recommended letters, representative papers, award certificates, etc.)  to Teacher Fang,